This automotive information system is small but very complete providing your smaller jobbers with all of the features necessary to handle their business. Implementation, electronic data conversion and training are all handled on line.
Our Flagship Product, this system targets your mid-size jobbers and multi-store applications. It offers onsite training, installation and data conversion.
This powerful system is dedicated to meeting the needs of warehouse distributors with multiple locations.
Our Series 12 customers can purchase new and used equipment to support their legacy systems.
The Ultimate Pricing Tool. The Parts-Genie has current pricing for thousands of different product lines, with over a million part numbers and manufacturer's Bar Code Data. This includes descriptions, popularity code, unit pack and per car quantities. Its value is simply priceless!
The epart connection is our on-line electronic catalog. When your employees go home, your epart is still hard at work providing your customers with on-line parts catalog information and invoicing.
Activant PartExpert® is an easy-to-use electronic catalog that offers quick, accurate access to 2,900 manufacturer's lines and over 4,000,000 parts numbers-more than any eCatalog in the automotive aftermarket industry today.