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Privately owned since 1977, SBC Solutions Inc. is the longest standing original software company in the automotive aftermarket and architectural paint industries. In September of 2011, SBC joined the Autologue family of systems offerings.

SBC Solutions Inc. develops software and provides turn-key computer systems to specific industries. SBC was the first to offer a true MS/Windows platform utilizing cutting edge technology, customized applications, and interaction with other proprietary software in the automotive aftermarket and architectural paint industries. The industries currently serviced are those that have multiple locations or large single locations, have large inventories to control, and have varied pricing structures.

SBC's mission is to provide business systems and processes to allow our user companies to be the most efficient and best managed companies by providing the best software to handle their business needs, offering IT and business consulting services, and responsive customer service and training.

SBC's team is comprised of hard working, dedicated professionals committed to staying at the leading edge. The driving force for the SBC team is: Versatility of products Responsiveness to customer needs Competitive, value added pricing

All of the SBC products are designed for system flexibility un-matched by competitors. We believe our customers own their data and deserve to collect and manage this data in any manner they choose.

SBC products run on the latest Windows operating system. Multiple workstations and printers can be supported on a single server. Remote locations may be connected via the Internet or broadband lines. SBC's flexibility allows users the ability to design the system configuration and method of operation that best suits their business needs. SBC provides software customization to provide for specific customer needs.

SBC supports and encourages integration with other proprietary software to streamline 100% of data collection, warehousing, and distribution. Other software categories currently integrated include databases (such as catalogs and spec sheets), and credit and debit card processing.

SBC has also integrated Autologue's suite of eCommerce products, specifically ePartConnection, Online ordering, ePaperlessOffice, Online invoice and statement retrieval and eDeliveryTracking, Online delivery dispatch management and eSalesBI/CRM, a tool for managing outside sales staff. These will enhance SBC's software with tools for increasing profit and reducing costs.

SBC's products are designed to minimize the time needed for POS and clerical tasks and management paperwork so that the user's team members have the majority of their time at work available to spend on areas to grow profitability. Team member's time should be focused on sales and marketing, relationship building, customer service, and team member supervision and leadership.

Retail and wholesale distribution companies need tight controls on their business transactions and assets. SBC's products excel in these categories.

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