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Since 1979, Autologue Computer Systems Inc. has been supplying computer solutions in both retail and wholesale businesses by offering a sophisticated, yet "user friendly", integrated multi-user Point of Sale package.

Our computer system is a menu driven package that is designed to be a powerful and easy to use management tool.

Creating and finalizing invoices automatically updates customer and inventory files. This means that your part numbers will always have the quantity on hand updated instantly and your customers open balances will always be up to date instantly!

Purchase Orders can quickly be generated at any time of the day.

Comprehensive reports can be used by your management team for analysis and answering some of the following questions:

  • How much are each of my customer accounts buying from me?
  • What part numbers sold today make less that 30% gross profit?
  • What part numbers are priced to make a gross profit below 15%?
  • What part numbers do I keep losing sales on?

Listed below are just a few of the Autologue software features:

  • Supports multiple users and functions at the same time.
  • Tracks 24 months of sales and profit by customer and product line.
  • Automatically posts customer accounts receivable activity through point of sale invoicing.
  • Tracks 7 quarters of sales history by part number.
  • Develops purchase orders based upon four different methods.
  • Tracks sales, profits and price overrides by Counterman.
  • Tracks profitability by invoice and line item.
  • Tracks lost sales, layaway orders, and customer backorders by part number.
  • Prints comprehensive management reports for analysis.
  • Includes password protection, data file integrity checks and backup/restore functions.
  • Ability to track all parts sold and returned to all customers.
  • Up to the second return authorization, by customer, by part number, including core.
  • Ability to see the original invoice number and the amount paid for the part number being returned.
  • Integrated cataloging (optional) allows part numbers selected within the catalog to be brought back automatically into the current work space (without re-entering the part numbers).
  • Customer name search capability End of Day closing procedures can be performed in only minutes.. not hours!
  • Hold and In-process tickets can easily be found and retrieved.

Top Autologue Computer Systems, coupled with the Linux/UNIX operating system, written in C language, provides an excellent solution for a high performance, flexible, expandable multi-user computer system at very affordable prices. Here are some of the Hardware features of the Autologue Computer Systems: The ACS Computer System is designed to be fast, accurate and dependable and includes the latest state-of-the-art technology. This powerful multi-user microcomputer has a wide range of business applications. Our high performance systems allow many users to share software, peripherals, mass storage and a powerful central processing unit for reduced costs on a per-user basis. The following features make the ACS system the most powerful in the industry.

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